The Restructuring Of Goettl

In 2012, Ken Goodrich bought Goettl HVAC. Although he had previously renovated more than 20 HVAC companies, there was something different here. He felt this company had no morale, confidence, or even vision. With Goodrich’s experience, he knew exactly what needed to be done.

Goodrich began by creating a sense of excitement, establishing leadership, and properly dealing with any complaints from customers. Goodrich felt the companies management has simply taken a wrong turn. This caused the attorney general in Arizona to accuse this company of deceptive sales and marketing. The fall out cost the company about a third of their workers. Nothing ever happened with the case except it effectively destroyed what was left of the company.

Goodrich put together all new management for the Goettl HVAC. He then dismissed any employee he felt was not an asset. He put much of his effort into establishing a top team of customer service experts, installers of true quality and reinforced strict control checks. He wanted quality and he was striving to achieve this goal.

The installations started being performed with a hitch, the installers took required photos at the job sites and Goodrich approved it all. Without his approval, no job could be market as finished. The morale of the employees went up, people started to feel good again and the excitement was back. They started looking for perfection in their work and picked up a lot of experience along the way.

Goettl is now one of the premier services for the repair of air conditioners, heating units and commercial HVAC equipment. Their technicians take pride in being able to offer you the best in their services. Their customer service is excellent as well as being 24/7 in their response time. Their guarantee that promises you 100 per cent total satisfaction guarantee says it all. This is all part of the new Goettl service.

With Goettl’s experience in the industry and their commitment to providing outstanding service, they have achieved their goals. From units featuring energy efficiency to the air quality in your home, they know their business.

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