The Significant Operations of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings was established in 2012. The firm provides a wide range of financial services and possibilities. The firm also provides investment and advisory services to entrepreneurs. Equities First Holdings provides shareholder financing services and margin loans to enable entrepreneurs to meet their financial and personal goals. Since the company was established, it has become a leading worldwide shareholder finance. The company has made strategic partnerships with leading international law organizations, investment banks, and some of the world’s largest custodian banks.


Equities First Holdings was initially referred to as Meridian Equity Partners Limited. The company changed its name after it was acquired through the guidance of Morgan Lewis among other lawyers. The acquisition process was led by Chris Harrison and Yonge who gave regulatory advice. The corporate advice was provided by Iain Wright, Sergey Kvitkin, and Vinay Vama.


The president of Equities First Holdings said that 2014 was the year of consolidation and expansion of the company. The acquisition made was transformational for Equities First Holdings. The company added five offices to operate in the United States of America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. The expansion of the firm finally paid off and learn more about Equities First Holdings.


Equities First Holdings is currently located in London. Since it was founded, the company has completed hundreds of successful transactions. The company expanded its operations in other regions to meet the needs of its growing client base. Most of Equities First Holdings Branches are independent and read full article.


A press released on May 2017 stated that the company had planned to return shares as collateral to Paysafe Group PLC. The planned operation is meant to fulfill a loan agreement that the company had signed with Joel who is the current CEO of Paysafe Group PLC. Since the deal was made, Paysafe Group PLC has repaid the entire loan.


Equities First Holdings offers securities based lending for individual investors and businesses. The loans that the company provides are based on the evaluation of future performance and risks associated with bonds, treasuries, and stocks. Entrepreneurs and investors can significantly benefit from the company to expand their business ventures.

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