The State of Farming in Ontario

Lately, Ontario has been facing a severe drought. High temperatures and lack of rain have combined to create the worst precipitation situation the area has seen in twenty years.

There will be a smaller yield for crops this year. That reality has caused stress for individual farmers and their communities. Trade associations have indicated in recent weeks that Canadian growers may need to sell at a loss in order to compete with international growers.

Recently, however there has been some good news. On July 7, some of the hardest-hit regions of the province received over an inch of rain. Some of the affected farmers celebrated with gratitude and good humor on social media.

This has been an abnormally dry year in many parts of Canada. However, true drought conditions exist only in small pockets of the country. Additionally, improvements in technology have meant that people are able to track conditions much more closely. The availability of quality apps has made it easier for the average Canadian to track fluctuations in rainfall.

Agriculture remains a key part of the Canadian economy. When drought hits, it creates waves in the economy that affect us all. Although this situation seems to be part of a normal twenty year weather cycle, some scientists worry that these conditions are a sign of bigger climate change. The recent rainfall was great for Northeastern Ontario, and hopefully the trend will continue.

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