The Success of Highlands Capital Management in Credit Markets

James Dondero has 30 years of experience working in the credit Market and Equity Market. This combined skills and wealth of knowledge made him leave his career and founded a company in the year 1993 called Highland Capital Management. James Dondero is a graduate of University of Virginia and went to a school of Accounting and Finance at the McIntire School of Commerce. After McIntire, James enrolled into a Finance Training program at Morgan Guaranty.

He became certified with a charter that gives him privilege and rights to use Financial Analyst designation (CFA) while working as an analyst. This was his first Job in the Benning of his career. Dondero is a Certified Management Accountant. Later Dondero joined American Express and served as a portfolio manager. His role is dedicated to making Highlands the innovator in the growth of the Collateralized loan Obligation (CLO) market and creating a podium where credit-oriented solutions for institutional and retail investors around the globe will meet.

Apart from being the Co- founder and President of Highlands Capital, Mr. James , also referred as Jim, CFA,CPA, serves as the President and Chairman of Board of Directors at NexPoint Hospitality Trust Inc. and involved in the management of private equity business. In overseeing the running of the Highland Capital, Mr. Dondero is responsible for influencing and ensuring proper accomplishment of the firm’s Strategic investment and working initiatives.

Highland Management Capital is an SEC-registered company offering substitute venture management to their clients around the world with the sole duty in the management of hedge funds, well-organized investment and distressed investments funds. Highland capital focuses on investing globally in public equity as it is seen to have expertise that possesses profound knowledge in credit markets and funds. Highland Capital management presents a wide range of customer solution into the market with the emphasis on various credit strategies such as foundations, endowments, and alternative investments.

Being founded by James and Mark Okada, Mr. Mark serves as the Chief investment Officer and takes the initiative of controlling Highland’s investment activities and credit strategies. Highlands Capital Management has got affiliates, whom together manages valued assets of over $20 billion assets. Today the Highlands stands to be the most preferred by the clients due to the wealth of experience in credit markets and the uniqueness of its leadership perspective and success of the Management.

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