The Top Herbs You Must Have in Your Kitchen Herb Garden

Whoever said that you had to have a garden in your back yard to have fresh herbs? It is easy to start your very own kitchen herb garden in your home. But the question surrounding what types of herbs to grow in your garden still remains. If you are unsure of the herbs that you’d like to grow in your garden, consider the following options that can be great for your cooking and baking needs.


Sweet Italian Basil


Basil is an herb that is integral to Italian cuisine, but you’ll be sure to find other great uses for this sweet smelling herb as well. Sweet Italian basil is the most typical type of this herb, and you can easily grow it in your kitchen herb garden. This type of basil produces large lush green leaves that you’ll be dying to chop up and put on top of your lasagna or soup.




As the staple of Mexican cuisine, if you enjoy tacos, fajitas or any other type of Mexican dishes, you’ll definitely want to have someone cilantro in your kitchen herb garden. With that being said, some people have a distinct aversion to this herb, and they may feel that it tastes like soap. If this is the case with you, don’t have cilantro in your herb garden. It’s as easy as that.




Chives are an allium plant and are a variant of green onions. These onion-flavored herbs are great on top of an omelette or in a wrap or sandwich. Chives are easy to grow, and they taste great and look pretty on lots of different types of meals.




Parsley is in a lot of different types of cuisines as well, and it’s definitely in many soups and Italian dishes like lasagna and spaghetti. You can basically sprinkle it on anything. It’s also a great garnish, and it can even make your breath smell better if you don’t have anything like a mint after dinner or lunch.


These are the best herbs to start with. As you gain more experience with kitchen gardening, you can certainly add more herbs.


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