The Trouble With Weight Gain

Recent research was performed on more than 12,000 individuals in hopes of separating genetic tendencies to see what kind of impact one’s genes have on a person’s diet, eating habits, and socioeconomic status affecting their overall health. 

Thirty- two gene variants were tested in individuals to give researchers an overall “gene score”. This “gene score” is seen as a predictor of overall health in an individual. Individuals with a higher BMI (body mass index) and higher metabolic risk correlate with a higher “gene score” showing that they are at greater risk for cardiovascular issues.

The researchers found that a modest weight gain can cause severe, adverse reactions on one’s metabolic rate that can lead to serious cardiovascular issues. The good news is that if a person lost a minimum amount of weight this can improve the metabolic profile,

Tom Rothman and the Hollywoodreporter conclude that leading a healthy lifestyle, with steady exercise can lead to overall better health and increased fat burning. I mean, it’s not rocket science, but it makes sense.

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