The Wilhelmina Brown Agency Has Established Themselves In Austin

The Wilhelmina Brown Modeling Agency has come to Austin, Texas because of the fresh faces and diverse talent that is abundant in the area. The Austin area has a whole emerging culture that fits well with the concept of fashion and represents what the people of today are drawn to. They kicked off the new location with a fashion show that was featuring the designs of local designer Linda Asaf.

Linda only had two weeks to create her Summer Frost fashion collection. She said that the collection is characterized by the use of white, silver, and neutral tones. The party was a huge success and let the world know that the Wilhelmina Brown Agency is there to stay.

The Brown Agency has been around for decades and is one of the most highly respected companies in the business. Their models can be found on some of the most prestigious runways in the world. Their models have access to thousands of clients from some of the top brand names in the world. Brown models have the benefit of having plenty of opportunities and some of them can be life changing.

The Brown Agency not only represents models but also is a talent agency that signs music groups and independent musicians. They have also branched out to incorporate actors into their company. Austin is the perfect place to discover new and marketable talent. The area is known for its growing scene and abundance of talented artists as well as a blossoming fashion scene. All of the latest styles and trends can be found in the area which is a big part of the reason that they chose the city to open their newest location. The company has casting calls weekly where models and artists can bring their portfolios and speak directly to a representative from the company. This is their opportunity to possibly land a contract with the company. If individuals are unable to travel to the city to be seen in person there is also the option to upload their portfolios and information onto the companies website where it will be evaluated by a representative of the company.

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