This Is the One Thing That You Have to Do Before Planting Your Seeds This Year

If you plan on growing plants anytime this year, there’s one trick that you’ll want to know about. Namely, you’ll want to remember to soak your seeds before you plant them. Soaking your seeds before you plant them will decrease the time it takes for your seeds to germinate and make growing times faster overall for whatever plants you plan on growing.


The reasons that you should soak seeds before planting them


Many people skip the step of soaking their seeds before planting them in soil. They do this because they think that it doesn’t make any difference whether they soak their seeds or not, but it definitely makes a difference.


It may be surprising, but the reason that it’s necessary to soak seeds before planting them is because that’s what Mother Nature does. Mother Nature doesn’t necessary soak them, but it beats them up pretty well.


The truth is that before a seed germinates and grows, it is battered and experiences all types of conditions, and for this reason, it has built up defenses to repair itself for the harsh cruelties of Mother Nature. In response, it is the gardener’s job to make sure that these defenses get broken down purposefully. Otherwise, it will take an extra few days to a week to break down these defenses, and if you’re planning on planting your garden quickly and reaping the rewards from your garden as soon as possible, you won’t have this kind of time.


How to soak seeds before planting them


If you are a gardener who is starting a garden soon, you’ll definitely want to soak your seeds before planting them. This is relatively easy and painless process. You’ll only need your seeds and some water.


First, put water in a small bowl. You’ll want it to be quite hot. You can even use boiling water. Put the seeds in your bowl of water. All seeds can be soaked, so it doesn’t matter what kind they are. Leave the seeds and the bowl until your water cools off. Leave them for one to two days.


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