This Year’s Flu is Coming Early

In many ways, the flu season is as predictable as the changing of the seasons. However, it’s never an exact prediction. Sometimes the flu season can start a little late, other times early, and sometimes very early. This year happens to be one where the flu is arriving far sooner than expected.

The CDC reports that while flu levels are still low, the reports occured earlier than normal and are expected to rise dramatically.

It’s important to first receive one’s flu shot in order to help prevent infection and transmission of the flu virus. However, it should be noted that vaccinations only work against specific strains of the flu virus. The vaccine for any given year attempts to cover the most probable situation. However, there is always a chance of infection even with a vaccine due to the various strains of the flu virus.

Experts suggest that in addition to receiving a flu vaccination, people are careful to exercise due diligence with hand washing. Washing one’s hands on a regular basis can dramatically reduce risk of both infection and transmission of the flu virus. Along with this, one like Igor Cornelsen should take care to avoid touching eyes or nose unless he or she has just washed their hands.

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