This Year’s Weather Extremes Have Wreaked Havoc On The Northeast United States’ Peach Crop

Being a lover of peaches and other types of fresh fruit, I just had to read an online article about peaches that I came across a few minutes ago.

According to this article, the roller coaster-like weather extremes that the New England states experienced earlier this year have taken a toll on most, if not all of the northeast states’ peach crops.

Much of the damage that occurred to this year’s peach crop is attributed to the cold weather that hit the northeast states during mid-February. At that time, the peach trees were budding prematurely, due to the warm weather that the northeast had been experiencing for several weeks. When extremely cold temperatures arrived in February, the buds on the peach trees froze, causing the decimation of much of the annual peach crop.

Some farmers in Connecticut and New York’s Hudson Valley said that this year’s peach crops were totally wiped out. From New Jersey to Massachusetts, peach growers have experienced massive amounts of damage to their crops this year, with many claiming approximately 90% loss of crops.

The article also mentions how the nice weather this spring will hopefully lead to a particularly good harvest of fall fruits such as pears and apples.

So far this year, I have eaten only one fresh peach. When I purchased the single piece of fruit at a supermarket recently, there were only a few peaches sitting in the display bin. After reading the above-mentioned article, I think I might understand why.

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