Thor Halvorrsen: President of the Human Rights Foundation

The concept of human rights can be a little difficult to define. Many people think that they are rights that the government gives to people. But if that definition were correct, there could be no real objection to any governmental policy that persecutes a particular demographic. Human rights are something intrinsic to a human being. In the United States Constitution, it is stated that everybody have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As the President of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorrsen fights against human rights violations that are both domestic and abroad. The Human Rights Foundation defends several basic rights across the world.

The Arrest of Kimberly Motley

Kimberly Motley can testify to the corruption of government. She was arrested as a political prisoner without explanation and interrogated for hours. After being released, she then faced mandatory deportation or arrest (lest she refuse to comply). A corrupt government will work to stomp out any powerful voice of criticism or opposition. This is the sort of violation that the Human Rights Foundation works against. Crimes such as this occur all over the world. Whether a journalist, a lawyer, a judge, or anybody who can deter the interests of the government will be targeted.

Violations of Freedom of Speech

The case of Kimberly Motley is very closely related with the issue of freedom of speech. Citizens of the United States enjoy that benefit, and it is almost unthinkable that people would not be able to say what is on their mind. But a tyrannical regime will oppose freedom of speech for several reasons. First, if the people are rationally discussing politics, they could eventually come to conclusions that the government finds unsavory. Second, a voice of dissidence could overthrow government support from the people. Therefore, governments will disallow freedom of speech and persecute any and all offenders. This has happened many times throughout history.

Thor Halvorrsen and the Human Rights Foundation work to defend freedom of speech. They labor to see political prisoners who are arrested for the non-crime of speaking their mind to be released.


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