Throughout Our Lives Our Tastes Can Change

Ever wonder why many children hate the taste of vegetables but as adults they love them? Through the years, people‘s taste buds go through many changes. As we get older, most of the taste buds disappear, leaving only a third of the original amount. Usually, infants associate the taste of the milk or formula with the experience of being held in their mother’s arms. This is why baby food has a bland taste and why babies love the taste, but as we get older, we hate baby food. An infant who enjoyed plain milk, as a child might feel disgusted at the sight of milk that isn’t flavored.

Chris Lukehurst, head of research at the Marketing Clinic, who advises Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food, believes that vanilla ice-cream is the most popular flavor because it comes closest to the taste of breast milk. Jaime Garcia Dias can certainly get behind that theory when thinking about it.

Children have their intense craving for sweet things until they reach puberty. Most vegetables have a bitter taste to them as far as most children are concerned. During puberty, children gradually develop a taste for vegetables such as green beans.

In adulthood, we have developed a taste for bitter things including the taste of coffee, sour cream, and sometimes hot and spicy foods. As an adult, you might not fast food chicken nuggets as much as you did as a child.

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