Tips For Training Your Puppy

As a proud puppy mom and professional dog trainer, I understand that training puppies and dogs isn’t always the easiest task to take on. In an effort to help other pups and their families, I’ve compiled a list of some useful tips to make training your puppy less stressful for the both of you.

Let Your New Puppy Release Stress

When a new puppy joins your family, it can be very stressful. The puppy has to become familiar with new surroundings, new people, and new rules. Maybe the pup never had any structure in his previous environment and your rules seem super strict.

Allow your new puppy to find a comfortable corner to call his own. Set up his crate in that area. Keep loud noises to a minimum and don’t crowd the puppy’s space.

Reward Your Pup With Tasty Treats

When training your pup, it’s important to find a reward that he absolutely loves. When I’m conducting training classes, I always give the puppies Purina Beneful Bakes Delights. I can get my puppies to learn anything just by offering up one of those tasty Beneful treats. Purina Beneful only uses quality ingredients, so I know that these treats are as healthy as they are inciting.

Reinforce Good Behavior

You’ll always want to reinforce good behavior, especially when you’re not in an active training session. Puppies need to know that the rules and tricks they learn in class apply to everyday life, too. If you only focus on punishing naughty behavior, the puppy doesn’t have a frame of reference to know what the correct action should have been. This is why positive reinforcement is so important. The pup does something right, you tell him he’s a good puppy and possibly reward his behavior, and then the puppy learns a valuable lesson on manners and house rules.

If you have any difficulties when training your own pup, you may need to have him attend professional dog training classes. I have families bring puppies to me all the time who have hit a wall with their home training. There’s nothing wrong with having a professional help. Be sure to look for an instructor and class setting that reflect your own values and goals. Training won’t work if the training class teaches your pup to act in a way that disrupts the flow of your home. Shop around a little before choosing a class. Online reviews can help, but ask your puppy mom friends for their recommendations or take a personal tour of a few classes to find the one that best suits your needs.

Whether you’ve never had a pup in the family before, or if you’re a seasoned puppy mom, training is very important. Every home needs rules to operate seamlessly. Puppies need rules, too. With a stress free puppy, tasty treats, and positive reinforcement of good behavior, you’ll be able to have your pup be the envy of the town with his impeccable manners.

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