Troy McQuagge and the Creation of HOPE

Troy McQuagge was named President of USHealth Advisers in 2010, and he came to that fledgling company with a plan and a purpose. Not only would he aim to grow the company, increasing its profits, and making it more successful than ever before, Troy McQuagge also wanted to help people, to bring hope to communities. Thus,HOPE became an essential part of the company’s mission. HOPE is an acronym, standing for Helping Other People Everyday.

Troy McQuagge USHealth was asked to describe HOPE’s mission and he gave this reason for the company’s community-oriented mission,

“Every company has a ‘soul’. That ‘soul’ lies at the very core of who the company and its people really are. Our people have made it their mission to help and serve others whenever and wherever they can. For me, there is no more noble way to run a business or to live your life.”

It is obvious that HOPE is core to the company’s personality, and that is why, even as USHealth Advisers, and it’s parent corporation,TheUSHealth Group, grew much larger, the company has not stopped it’s community-focused activities. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

HOPE is not an empty notion, either. It is not just words. Since it’s inception in 2010, HOPE has a wide history of charitable donations and work. Their first project was rebuilding homes in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina. Buildings that could not be restored were razed so new ones could be built. At the end of the project, volunteers had put in hundreds of man-hours to help rebuild severely-damaged and destroyed communities, ensuring the victims of the storm had safe homes.

The company also has a long tradition of aiding communities wherever they have a meeting. Company leaders provided resources to The Crisis Nursery, a non-profit children’s shelter that served the Phoenix metro area. They would come back to the area a year later, and again provide more than 25 thousand dollars to HOPEKids Arizona, a non-profit support community.

USHealth Advisors, via the HOPE program, has helped many and will continue to do so, because HOPE is not just an organization, but a philosophy and a commitment.



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