Troy McQuagge is Leading Healthcare Into a New Era

USHEALTH Group Inc’s CEO is Troy McQuagge who has won CEO of the year from the One Planet Awards, in the Gold Winner category. The One Planet Award is given to people who show distinctive excellence in every industry all over the world. Nominees are submitted, both public and private. McQuagge has worked at USHEALTH Group Inc. since 2010. USHEALTH has grown since McQuagge took the helm. US HEALTH is doing well. Troy McQuagge’s goal is to resolve the health-care affordability problem for individuals who need health insurance. The One Planet award is open to executives as well as teams who release new products and services, as well as public relations marketing, and corporate communication skills.

McQuagge is from Panama City, Florida, getting his degree from the University of Central Florida, where he earned a degree in legal studies, although he moved to Cottell, Texas. Having over 30 years of sales experience, he worked for Allstate Insurance in 1983, moving on to UICI/Health Market in 1995. McQuagge is able to resolve complex issues, as he is working on the profitability of individual health insurance. McQuagge is a good boss who is considerate of the people working for him. USHEALTH group has grown in a short time because of his work. He is instrumental in building better business at his job.

He also works with charity organizations such as Hope Kids Phoenix, Semper Fi Fund, Trinity Habitat for Humanity, Health Market, and Phoenix of New Orleans. While working for US Health, he restructured the hierarchy of company operations, which got him appointed to President/CEO of USHEALTH. USHEALTH gives coverage to people who are self-employed. McQuagge is committed to his company’s vision of overall profit and an ability to maintain the ability to grow. His Gold Winner award has been given to him because of his skill using the currency of new ideas, as well as taking corporate social responsibilities seriously.

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