Trump Vs. Teats – The Farmers Fight and The 2018 Farm Bill

It is time to take a step back and get an education. The farmers of America are in deep trouble and it seems like there is no way out. Family farms that have been around for generations can not keep up with the cost of farm operations. This is a problem. Large farm companies are able to hold on a little tighter because they can take advantage of tax breaks that are not available to the small and medium farms.

This is the year that the farm bill gets an overhaul. Maybe what needs to be done is to have Trump ditch the suit for a pair of overalls so he can see what it is really like to work in company that never stops. It is easy to overlook how farms work if the closest somebody has been to a farm is grabbing a gallon of milk out of a cooler at the grocery store. What if you were offered between fourteen to eighteen dollars for a hundred pounds of milk, would you take it? That is an average of what dairy farmers got paid at one point. It is a hard life that many people can not understand. It is a driven passion from one generation to the next to never give up.

Take a second to think of the variety of items that is purchased at the store for weekly meals. Does it include; eggs, milk, bread, meats, vegetables, and fruit? Thank a farmer for that. We have become a culture that does not look beyond what is in front of them and may need reminded of where things come from. How many eggs did you use in your cake recipe? The eggs came from a farm. If someone walked into a store and the store no longer carried the milk and eggs, would you notice? Probably.

Trump needs to visit the small farms and use his social media skills to get in touch with those who wear the barn boots and coveralls. Talk to the farmers whose compassion it is not to become rich, but to survive on the family farm where all they want is to raise their children in an environment where pride means everything.

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