US Health’s HOPE and Troy McQuagge

You may not have heard about USHEALTH Advisors but they have been assisting an abundance of families and communities for quite some time now. Their personal mission is HOPE, which stands for Helping Other People Everyday. Troy McQuagge, with a proven track record for caring about the wellbeing of others, joined the group in 2010. His substantial involvement has made such a huge impact for the organization as well as for thousands of people across the country.

As CEO and President of USHA, Troy McQuagge US Health works diligently to partner with organizations who have the same standards as he and his team. The Brevard County Homes for Warriors Project is one particular organization that provides aid to those who have served in the military and their families. The team went in and cleaned up a vacant home and donated it to the needy family. It is simple yet huge assistance like this that has brought HOPE much deserved recognition. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

There most likely isn’t anyone who hasn’t heard about the devastation that befell New Orleans, Louisiana several years ago. Hurricane Katrina tore through the state causing unfortunate casualties, and leaving many without homes. Troy McQuagge US Health teamed up Phoenix of New Orleans to come up with a plan for restoration and cleanup. Together with Phoenix, USHA was able to generate donations to bring food, clothing and shoes to those in need.

Phoenix, Arizona has also welcomed USHEALTH Advisors and HOPE to their city with welcome arms. HOPEKids was established in Phoenix with the main objective of providing terminally ill children and their families with the necessities to make their journey easier. An average of $70,000 has been donated to the organization and Troy McQuagge couldn’t be more proud of their efforts.

There are many people who look to Troy and USHA as heros for all of the work they’ve done across the country. In addition, there are those who wish to be apart of all the support and volunteer work going on in their community. The USHA website has more information on how you can positively impact your community today. Read more:


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