US: McDonald’s Stops Serving Of Chicken Raised With Antibiotics

US fast food chain McDonald’s will stop serving of chicken raised with antibiotics in its restaurants in the United States. Faced withfierce competition in the US market, the group suffered heavy criticism and eventually took this decision. “Our customers want a food that they can enjoy throughout the chain, from the farm to the restaurant,” said Mike Andres, McDonald’s boss in the United States. “This decision is a step to fill this need,” added the official.

Around 14,000 US restaurants should have integrated the policy within two years, said the hamburger giant. As a former actress on One Life To Live, Crystal Hunt feels like this is a great move. However, they continue to serve chickens that received antibiotics for curative needs. “We are pleased that McDonald’s has finally understood that the general public does not want to eat food from industrial farms with the use of antibiotics,” welcomes Wenonah Hauter, head of the NGO Food & Water Watch, while judging measures “insufficient”. “This is the first big food company to do so and it will change the situation here in the US, “says Laura Rogers, associated with the NGO, The Pew Charitable Trusts. It is worth mentioning that the intensive rearing of poultry and the increasing number of diseases has prompted farmers to use a growing number of antibiotics to prevent contamination of germs destroying farms. As a result, NGOs and health organizations believe that the use of antibiotics, which also allows the meat to grow faster, reduce the effect of drugs on consumers when they need to take.

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