USHEALTH Advisors are on the Cutting Edge of Healthcare Coverage

USHEALTH Advisors provides the marketing for USHEALTH Group. The company offers a wide range of healthcare insurance type plans. The plans are underwritten and insured by the group of insurance companies working under the Health Groups umbrella. The focus audience is small business owners and their dependents, individuals who are self employed and Individuals.

Agents for USHEALTH Advisors work on a commission basis. They receive a percentage for policies issued and receive both weekly and monthly commissions. Agents also receive vested renewals and have the opportunity to earn as much or as little as they want. A sharp agent can earn a six figure salary. The company also offers its agents a bonus program. The program is divided into levels and the bonuses can be obtained by submitting more business to the company.

USHEALTH Advisor agents are experienced sales representatives and are absolutely vital to the success of the company. Each and every agent is well versed about all the products being offered and will help each client choose the best coverage to meet their needs, as well as their budget. Agents are licensed and receive product training and must meet certification standards before serving the healthcare community of customers. Individuals seeking career opportunities will find training and support from an experienced healthcare insurance specialist and receive all the tools that are necessary to succeed.

Agents can expect quality customer service for their customers. Customer service provides timely and accurate information for policy holders removing the mystery of healthcare plans. Customers will find answers to questions about their policy, what it covers and how to file claims. As the company expands its online portal, customers will be able to receive information even quicker, as well as real time communication. Building such customer service is the company’s commitment to their customers.

USHEALTH Advisors operate on a basis of philosophy including recognizing each customer is different and has different needs and healthcare coverage is not a one size fits on plan. Agents have the ability to find just the right coverage for each client through a variety of solutions. This is what sets USHEALTH Group and its Advisors ap0art from the crowd.

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