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The first thing you think about is the safety of your family. This is likely to push you to find the best medical cover to avoid last minute stresses especially when such emergencies occur and you are running low on finances. USHEALTH Group of companies is known to provide the best medical cover for families and individuals alike. Its reputation speaks for itself with over fifty years of experience in providing flexible and customized medical covers for individuals.

If the BBB rating is anything to go by then the A+ accreditation awarded to the company in April 2013 shows that the company is reliable for clients as it guarantees quality services. In this line of business complaints from clients are inevitable. However, what matter when the complaints come is how the representatives handle them. For USHEALTH Group of companies to receive this impressive rating from the BBB, it is evident that there response has been acceptable.

In most cases the company reaches out and responds to complaints about their representatives calling or texting clients rudely by often apologizing for the inconveniences caused. Once they have apologized then they go ahead to address the specify issue that came up as the representatives dealt with customers unprofessionally.

The pattern that the company uses in solving disputes is agreeably. The BBB also rated it highly because USHEALTH has also taken steps to ensuring that new agents are trained to cover areas of professionalism, ethics as well as compliance. All these will go a long way in ensuring that customers are served in a better way.

USHEALTH Advisors is the marketing branch of the USHEALTH Group of companies. This arm of the company is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that they market and sell the portfolio underwritten health cover plans as well as the group family covers. The target market here usually ranges from individuals to families. With the wide scope of work for different advisors, the compensation will also vary.

However, it can be said that USHEALTH Advisors are innovative compensated. Usually there is a weekly based percentage commission for the first year. The accumulation of these commissions calculated on a monthly basis together with almost guaranteed renewals provides an opportunity for agents to make six figure salaries for themselves. It all depends on the hard working nature of an individual. The other employees paid on a monthly basis have their salaries varying also depending on the responsibilities they have to cover.

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