Waiakea Water, the Embodiment of Sustainability as a Bottled Water Brand

The Waiakea is one brand that prides itself on using bottles that are one hundred percent recyclable. It is also the first company to use the Timeplast additives in the process of manufacturing their bottles. This way, the plastics bonds are replaced with weaker and less complex ones making them ecologically friendly. Also, the additive used improves the recycling method.

Over the years, most scientists have focused on; how to make the plastics robust and more excellent, and how to make the plastics degradable-which have not borne any remarkable fruit. The Waiakea, on the other hand, choose the counter path. They sought ways to undermine the plastics and hasten the process of degrading instead of leaving it all to nature. By using the Timeplast, they reduce the plastic’s lifespan from fifteen thousand years to fifteen years.

The process of harmonizing the qualities of the regular plastics was long. It took them five years and twelve thousand trials. They had to address the challenge of disintegrating 98% of the plastics without compromising its standard marketing features. They also had to procure the approval of the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States on plastic degeneration, making them the first company to achieve it.

The cost of using the additive is negligible. It cost the same amount of money as the colorants used for aquamarine bottles. Additionally, the fact that the additive gets added at the beginning of the manufacturing process, hugely contribute to the negligibility. A little amount of the additive can also alter a vast amount of plastics, meaning it gets used in minimal quantities. It makes this a low-cost process that can be effortlessly taken up even by the smallest of the companies.

The Waiakea Hawaiian water is a bottled beverage company that got instituted in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. So far, the company has a percentage growth of four thousand with a 10 million dollar valuation. More so, it’s has hit its goal; providing sustainable and health benefiting products -the water carries minerals which are helpful for skin, hair, nails and the bone, and also eco-sensitive.

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