What Everyone Should Know: Don Ressler and JustFab

The History Behind JustFab(AKA TechStyle)

The company known as JustFab has some amazing history behind it. The founders that were the names behind this company were Mr. Don Ressler with the help of his co-founder Mr. Goldenberg. When was this company founded? It was during March of 2010 that it came into existence. The company was able to obtain a great employee in 2011, Simmons, and they are a great match for the company as the President and also as the Creative Director for the company. Wondering what type of help this company was able to gather financially? They were able to gather a total investment of $33 million which was given to them by the Matrix Partners company during 2011.

Another way that they were helped through financial means was with a $76 million funding from four different companies. Two of the companies that helped Don Ressler with funding were Matrix Partners and also Rho Ventures. How did this large sum of money help the company out? It gave them the chance to go international with businesses now going out to places like the UK and also Germany. When did this happen? It happened during the year of 2012.

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In 2013, this brilliant company took over another company with a very close name to theirs FabKids. Was there a past dealing or any other type of link that had happened prior to all of the business dealings? No, this was just a very good business deal that would help them to expand on their operations. Wanting to know some of the famous names attached to this company? If you have ever listened to any of Avril Lavigne’s songs, then you are probably going to be thrilled to find out that she has released some collections for JustFab. Ever watched Blair Fowler and Elle on the YouTube channel? If so, then it will be good news for you to know that they also took part in releasing collections with JustFab.

Ever checked out the Style Network? If so then you probably already know that JustFab had a show on there. What would a show like this hold? Well, this was a very popular show which actually gave a detailed inside view on the workings of the JustFab company.

The Opinion of Mr. Ressler When it Comes to The Brand JustFab

There should never be a woman who doubts the clothes that she is wearing. That is the opinion of Mr. Ressler and it is a very real concern of his. Mr. Don Ressler has been very determined to tell everyone about the #FABforAll movement of the JustFab brand. He is very thrilled that the company will be offering a new world to women of all sizes and that this world will give women the confidence boost that the need and deserve. In Don Ressler’s eyes, women everywhere have the need to look good and at the same time be able to feel good when it comes down to what they are going to wear.

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