What The Kabbalah Centre Offers To Those Seeking To Study Kabbalah

Some Basic Tenets Of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is the study of the Torah and other Jewish religious texts through a spiritual perspective. Instead of focusing on the religious, moral or lawful aspects of the Torah and other Jewish texts, Kabbalah takes a more mystical approach to explaining Judaism. The study of Kabbalah goes back many thousands of years and has had contributions from many great scholars called Kabbalists or scholars of Kabbalah.

One of these great Kabbalists or contributors to Kabbalah was a religious figure called Shimon Bar Yochai. He is said to have fled the Roman occupation of Jerusalem and studied the Torah in hiding. Shimon Bar Yochai is widely believed to have authored the Zohar. This is an extensive collection of all the previous works of Kabbalah before him. He not only organized previous works of Kabbalah but also interpreted them and offered his own insight. Today the Zohar, is considered to be the main document from which our study of Kabbalah is based upon. New works and commentary also build upon the Zohar. To really understand Kabbalah one should look at the Zohar, at least briefly.

Kabbalah believes that there are ten segments that make up who we are. Some examples are gevhurah, hesod, and tifferet. These are translated as self control or restraint, love and compassion or giving. The ten sefirot must be in balance with one another for a person to be truly happy, peaceful and healthy. They key to attaining enlightenment is to let each sefirot express itself and be in harmony with others.

How The Kabbalah Centre Can Help You Incorporate Kabbalah Into Your Life

The Kabbalah Centre is an international scholarly organization that is based in Los Angeles, California. It hosts classes on the study of Kabbalah at its many centres around the world. The Kabbalah Centre is now found on almost every continent and in most major cities.

Online classes are also offered by Kabbalah for those that cannot attend a study seminar. The centre also has its own press which publishes works on the Kabbalah. Kabbalah Centre is officially a non profit organization that has a stated goal of sharing the wisdom found in Kabbalah with the world. The organization hopes that by sharing knowledge it can better people and the world as a whole.

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