What’s New in Agriculture – Acquisitions and New Equipment



Agriculture is one of the earliest forms of business and will undoubtedly trend upwards in popularity as populations rise to never before seen levels. Because this market is so promising with untapped potential, Bunge, a large agricultural commodity trader, has been a target of Glencore. This potential acquisition is likely to make farming equipment a little cheaper for farmers to afford. Big business in agriculture, unlike some other trades, is great for the hard-working farmers themselves.


Farming, here in summer, is doing a great favor to everyone by producing strawberries and watermelons from local areas, rather than the other hemisphere. Other crops doing well include corn and soybean, whose planting is now at the same rate as last year, a good indicator of the potential strength of this year’s agriculture market.


Claas of America is expected to grow through selling more equipment by having more dealers selling their products in upcoming months. Claas is a leader in agriculture and manufactures top quality equipment, but is not as well known as John Deere or International Harvester. This expansion is planned to take place throughout its origin state of Texas, a state known for its reliance on agriculture.


Currently, Claas only has eight locations throughout Texas, which is expected to double within merely months. Some of the products Claas manufactures are Lexion tractors, Jaguar combines, and other highly popular, top notch farming equipment. Claas is also farmer friendly and offers a number of financing plans to help the most important people in the agricultural process out.


China has recently experienced a shortage of ground beef, a commodity market the United States is set to take advantage of. US farmers are expected to ship out beef this wee, whose market overall can collect an approximate $2.6 billion in revenues from China in the upcoming calendar year. Chinese beef traders have experienced markedly high prices for finished beef and beef cattle alike, and are expected to lesser the burden on its constituents by importing beef from the United States, an exchange that has not happened often historically.


United States has not shipped out beef to China in more than a decade. The recent approval of trade of beef to China from the United States is great for domestic beef farmers.


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