Why Soaking Seeds Before Planting Them Is a Great Idea

Growing a garden often sounds like a great idea, but when it comes down to it, many people don’t realize how much work creating a garden entails. With that being said, anyone can garden and enjoy it, and it’s simply up to you to teach yourself the basics of this fun and useful task.


The first thing that you’ll need to do when planting a garden is buy your seeds. Remember not to buy too many seeds if you’ve never had a garden before. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself on your first go of it.


The second thing that you’ll need to do when you get ready to plant your seeds and after you’ve purchased them is soak your seeds. This is absolutely essential, but many new gardeners forget to do this or avoid doing it altogether.


The reason that you need to soak your seat before planting, is so that they will check any faster. In the wild, all types of seeds are battered and soaked before the germinate. This is why they have natural defenses built up and they don’t germinate immediately. For example, you’ll notice that if you plant seeds without soaking them first, they won’t start to peak through the top of the soil for a few days. If you soak your seeds, however, they will start to peak through the soil after just one day.


You’ll only need a little bit of hot water in a container and your planting seeds to soak them effectively. Make the water in your container as hot as possible. You can even boil it for some types of seeds. Put the seeds inside the container and allow them to soak there as the water cools off. This is all you need to do!


You may be wondering how long your seeds should soak in your bowl of hot water. Most of the time, you’ll only want to soak them for half a day to a full day. You should never soak your seeds for more than two full days as this could over-soak them, and in that case, they may not grow.


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