Why You Should Pay a Visit to London’s Cereal Cafe

If you’re a fan of cereal in the morning–or any time of day, you’ll definitely want to pay a visit to Cereal Cafe. While the eatery is only in London right now, the owners plan on expanding very soon.

The Keery brothers, who are twins, own Cereal Cafe, and are pleased with the eatery’s success. Just a short time ago, the cafe was criticized for being overpriced and catering to poor people. However, the perception of the eatery is changing, as patrons on come in order the most unconventional combinations. The brothers assert that Wheatabix and orange juice is a popular selection.

Cereal Bar will open another London location in the coming months, and the Keery brothers share that they want to open locations in other parts of the world as well. Cereal Bar has even gotten attention from cereal giant Kellogg’s. The company featured Cereal Bar on a limited edition box. As a regular cereal eater, Sultan Alhokair is excited to stop in .

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