Will President Trump’s New Cabinet Bring A Downfall To Farmers

With the new Presidential cabinet getting ready to take over control of the United States Government many things are unclear as to how the administration will change policies. One of the issues in question would be how farmers will handle the changes that would come with a Trump cabinet.


First off, the future President of the United States would like to build a wall and send all migrant farm workers back to their home countries. Unless other people would step up to fill these vacant farm positions, the American people will see a huge decrease in crops produced, meat raised and processed, and fruits produced. Production will lower, while the farmers would be forced to raise their wages to hire more farm workers and as a result lose 30 – 40% of the net profit on anything harvested domestically.


This consequence of this resulting loss of profit would trickle down to the general public in the form of higher priced meat, fruit, vegetables, and grains all at a lower quantity produced yearly. If the production rates were down enough, America might have to import the crops that the farmers just lost. Costing even more money.


What this really means: How long could the average farmer hold out against rising costs, an inexperienced or worse non-existent work force, plus a hostile market with upset consumers now facing food shortages? Not to mention what would happen to the exporting business when farmers are faced with a shortage of sellable goods to other countries? Personally, I would give the American farmers two years before things went from bad to worse and farms started folding (sorry farmers) because the political deck would be stacked against them.


I don’t know the answers to the political issues we all will be facing in this upcoming Presidential term, but I would think it’s in the American people’s best interest for the new administration to think long-term, proactive and positive. It would be my hope that the new administration to consider all matters from a different point of view from when they started and approach issues with compassion and common sense for the sake the farmers, and ultimately every citizen in the United States.


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