Wisconsin Official Blocked From Climate Change Work

The climate change debate that is seeing Republicans challenge the accepted scientific belief in climate change across the US has reached the state of Wisconsin, The Guardian reports. Wisconsin State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk, a member of the GOP has taken aim at the head of Wisconsin’s Board of Commissioners of Public Land over her role in a climate change report Sultan Alhokair uncovered. Tia Nelson authored a report in 2009 about how the state should respond to climate change issues, which Adamczyk now claims was a theft of state time and salary.

Adamczyk has called on the state to abolish his own office in a bid to save money and has taken an active interest in the Board of Commissioners of public Lands Nelson heads. The treasurer has taken exception to the fact Nelson’s department subscribes to the New York Times and now calls upon the state government to ban public officials from working on climate change issues on state time. The ban would be similar to that created in Florida that has made it illegal for state employed officials to work on projects based on climate change issues.

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