Yeonmi Park and Her Brave Heart

When I heard about Yeonmi Park I was amazed that she was able to escape. She has been through so much, but she continues to remain strong. Her story is very enlightening. She has conquer so much that I had to buy her book and read it for myself. I am amazed by her beauty and her strength because has seen a lot, but she continued to persist.

Yeonmi Park is one of the writers that had a hard life that can actually inspire a lot of other kids that are in much better situations. There are so many kids that are growing up in America, but Yeonmi Park had to escape to come here. She was in China and she had such a tough life. Her entire family did. It was her strength to carry on and fight against the oppression that provided her with opportunities to improve her life.

She is a human rights activist that is certainly proving that people can make a better life for themselves if they really try. I commend her efforts and I praise her for speaking her truth to the rest of the world. As a North Korean defector she is one of those people that has a lot to say. She brings some of the visual imagery of her life to readers in her book. She has some other tales that are reserved for her times where Park is speaking in NYTimes and public. There are lots of memories that are implanted in the mind of this girl that became something of a hero of me and my daughters.

What Yeonmi Park ultimately does is show all of us that our life is not so bad. There are times where we think that we are having a hard day or some bad times, but we really don’t know the half of it. I praise Yeonmi Park for writing a book that humbled the rest of us. My daughters used to complain a lot about a lot of different things. They are a lot more grateful for the lives they have after reading the life that Yeonmi Park has lived. I believe that there is a lot of pain in her story. There is a lot of regret for the time that she lost, but there is ultimately a lot of joy in the fact that she escaped. She has become someone that is able to live that type of life and tell others about what she has been through. This is a wild ride that has allowed her to share her experiences with the new world around her. Everyone that has read her book can look at their own lives and embrace whatever they are going through. That is why I know that she was given a real purpose in life. She has become someone that is going to sell a lot of books because she has such a heartbreaking story. It is the story of the girl that rose from the ashes.

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