Yeonmi Par’s Story Serves As A Powerful Reminder Of The Problems Facing Refugees

The plight of refugees around the world have come into sharp focus with the problems seen with Syrian refugees flooding into the European Union in 2016; Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector who has been using her own experiences as a refugee to raise awareness of the problems this group faces during and after they leave their home nation. Park is known among many human rights awareness groups for providing details of the problems she faced at the hands of human traffickers and the ongoing problems she continues to face from the leaders of the Communist regime of North Korea.
Yeonmi has revealed her own thoughts on life in North Korea, which she experienced first hand over the course of her childhood and teenage years; Park has a unique life experience that saw her live in the government elite and with the lower classes in North Korean society. Throughout her life Park has seen the many different issues facing people of all classes in North Korea, including the famine problems that almost every person in the closed society face on a daily basis.

A article discusses the details of Yeonmi Park’s memoir, “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom” released on Amazon, which reveals the intimate and shocking details of her journey as a refugee crossing borders and forced to trust a human trafficking gang. Yeonmi Park kept a number of the details of her journey a secret for a number of years as she was scared of the stigma that was attached to the actions of the human traffickers towards her. Despite the problems she faced on her journey as a refugee Yeonmi Park has also looked to explain on the the issues she faces as a refugee who is still targeted by the Communist leadership who have failed in their attempts to discredit Park and her very personal refugee story.



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